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GLAB Final Report Announced

Great Lakes Basin from space.
Great Lakes Basin from space.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is announcing the public release of the Final Report prepared by the Great Lakes Advisory Board (GLAB) regarding six important Great Lakes issues:

(1) innovative strategies to address legacy phosphorus;
(2) managing excess nutrients;
(3) GLRI outreach;
(4) invasive species;
(5) outcome-based investments in the Great Lakes; and 
(6) GLRI’s role in the vitality and reinvestment of Great Lakes communities. 

In 2020, EPA asked the GLAB to provide advice and recommendations to EPA on these issues. The GLAB subsequently met, developed draft recommendations, sought and received public input, and, in April of 2022, presented their recommendations to EPA. In addition to directly addressing the issues identified by EPA, the GLAB also provided recommendations pertaining to environmental justice and climate change. This final GLAB Report consists of the GLAB’s 65 recommendations and their underlying rationales. 

EPA and the other federal members of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) partnership will consider these recommendations and the extent to which they can and should be incorporated into the ongoing implementation of the GLRI and/or the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA). EPA also believes that the GLAB’s recommendations will be of considerable value to state, tribal, and local GLRI partners, and to other Great Lakes stakeholders and the general public. 

The GLAB provides advice and recommendations to the EPA Administrator, through the Great Lakes National Program Manager, on matters related to the GLRI and implementation of the GLWQA between the United States and Canada. The GLAB comprises members from tribal, public, private, nonprofit, activist, and academic institutions.

The Great Lakes Advisory Board page contains the Report and additional information about the GLAB.