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GLRI Action Plan

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative was launched in 2010 to accelerate efforts to protect and restore the largest system of fresh surface water in the world — to provide additional resources to make progress toward the most critical long-term goals for this important ecosystem.

GLRI has been a catalyst for unprecedented federal agency coordination — through the Interagency Task Force and the Regional Working Group, which are led by U.S. EPA.

GLRI resources have been used to fund thousands of projects to improve water quality, to protect and restore native habitat and species, to prevent and control invasive species and to address other Great Lakes environmental problems.

Under Action Plan III, federal agencies will continue to use GLRI resources to strategically target the biggest threats to the Great Lakes ecosystem and to accelerate progress toward long term goals—by combining Great Lakes Restoration Initiative resources with agency base budgets and by using these resources to work with nonfederal partners to implement protection and restoration projects.

Major Focus Areas

  • Cleaning up Great Lakes Areas of Concern
  • Preventing and controlling invasive species
  • Reducing nutrient runoff that contributes to harmful/nuisance algal blooms
  • Restoring habitat to protect native species

GLRI Action Plan III (FY2020-2024)(PDF)